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Qi is a Chinese word pronounced "chee." Although the word is Chinese, the concept is universal and translates to "Life Force" or "Vitality."

At Qi Veterinary Clinic, we provide holistic healthcare for dogs and cats in a quiet, friendly clinic. We combine Eastern and Western medical traditions and use acupuncture, herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, nutritional care, and modern therapies to prevent and treat disease. We are committed to optimizing the health of our patients by working closely and collaboratively with the people that care for them.

Integrating Western and Eastern traditions of medicine is essential for optimizing the health of our patients. We offer diagnostics (blood work, radiography, ultrasound, laboratory services), judicious immunizations, and pharmaceuticals when appropriate to prevent and treat disease. Our clinic is equipped with a full surgery suite. Often our patients come to us with more advanced stages of disease due to their ailments being incompletely responsive to Western medical treatment. We also enjoy the opportunity to offer primary care for young puppies and kittens, and to address any imbalance that may arise early in life.

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