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Hi Nate,

I was in the office today with Paxton.  I saw you were very busy in Surgery, we will have to say hello again soon !  I wanted to share with you that we have been 13.5 weeks seizure free !!!  He had never been more than 2-3 weeks per set of cluster seizures for over a year until his hospital stay.  I don't know what to say other than WOW !!  He tipped the scales at 81.2 pounds today and when he came in to see you for the first time last September he was 103 lbs.  What an accomplishment.  The Buck Mountain Dust works great and I feel very safe using it with his condition.  You have taught me so much about my animals that I will never own a dog the same way again...  this is a compliment from me to you.  This has never been about anything but the best thing for Paxton and I can never thank you enough for all you and your team have done for us.  I have attached a picture for you with his happy face :-)  He loves his frequent hikes and swims I can hardly keep up with him.

Nate & Team, Thank You again ...  We brag about you all the time.  I LOVE MY DOG SO MUCH...

Here's hoping for more continued success !!!!!  (holy exclamation points)
                                                                                                                                                  Your friends Eric & Paxton.

Qi Vet Staff, we wanted to thank you for spending so much quality time with our GSD Hector today.  We can tell everyone at your clinic are animal lovers through and through.  Hector was very smitten with all of you.  An amazing dog.  We appreciate the fact that you will now help us keep him healthy and happy!

How is Hector doing, you ask?? I dare say Hector is a 'changed man' ever since his visit last Friday! We cannot believe how quickly and positively he responded to the acupuncture treatment and the 4 Marvels herbs! Saturday morning he jumped up on the bed and snuggled with us of his own accord--something he has NOT done in such a long time. We were so pleased!!! 

His appetite is great--he's eating the raw like no tomorrow (at first he was not too interested in chewing the bones but all of a sudden he caught onto his natural instincts and he's thriving and chomping away)! We alternate between giving him the pre-mixed ground raw (various meats) with a little brown rice added in, and some in-tact chicken parts (necks, wings,legs). His bowel movements are the best they've EVER been, even when we thought he was 'healthy'. Who knew a great bowel movement could be so exciting???? :-)

His energy has increased tremendously and his 'spark of life' literally has been re-ignited!  We cannot be more grateful to you and the Dr. for all your patience,kindness, and information during Hector's visit. We certainly look forward to bringing him back in a few weeks for his follow up visit. Thanks so much, and we are so glad we made the decision to bring Hector to your office. We'll let you know if anything goes awry, but honestly he's doing so well now, I can't see him being anything but happy and healthy!

Bob & Lydia Batten


Thank you for emailing. Charlie is finally feeling better and still on all his meds, which he loves because he get them with treats. For now, I am only giving him raw food. Thank goodness for you all, especially “Dr. Nate”. 

Rhonda and Charlie 


Dr. Nate is a very caring, thoughtful, and gifted doctor. He is one of the few Doctors who truly loves animals. My family and I switched to Qi in November of 2010 when one of our beloved dogs was very ill. Dr. Nate confirmed that my dog had cancer and we began our battle against this Cancer! A battle we were determined to win!

Eight months and 2 invasive surgeries later, my pup is alive and doing very well! His prognosis is very positive (he has *years* left to live) and his life expectancy has already exceeded our former-vet's expectations of 3-6 months post-surgery.

Thank you Dr. Nate!

We were so happy with his services that we swapped all of our pets to his practice. Our beloved pup's sister, who was a very lumpy woman thanks to genetics, was also treated by Dr. Nate. Turns out one of her very large lumps was cancerous... not anymore!

After surgery she is now Cancer Free!!!

Dr. Nate has saved both of our dog's lives. My family and I will be forever grateful. This man goes above and beyond to ensure the health of your beloved pet. I received countless phone calls and emails from Dr. Nate and his awesome team checking in on my pups. Even after winning our battle against Cancer, Dr. Nate and his team still continue to call and email to check in on our pups. They are an amazing practice who will love your pet as much as you do.

The Doctor's at our previous Vet (for a continuous 8 years) *never * once hugged or gave our dogs a loving pat. Every single person at Qi (including Dr. Nate) gives our pups hugs, kisses and lots of loving pats. Plus, they know our dogs by name! My dogs feel so incredibly comfortable there and my male pup is no longer afraid of getting his nails trimmed (he had anxiety attacks at our former Vet's office when it was time for a trim).

If you love your pet - you will send them to Dr. Nate and his team!

Renata Branicki


Dear Qi Vet Gang,

Melissa and I just want you to know that we are so thankful that we found you!  Your kind and gentle way with Meko, Kaiyuh and Emma warms our hearts.  Attentive to each of their individual needs, aware of each of their personalities (and quirks), and concerned about all of their well-being – your care of our crew means so much to us.  We can’t thank you enough for making time to see our fury kids, sometimes on short notice, to ensure their needs are taken care of.  We so appreciate your approach to healing, and we look forward to our on-going relationship in the great effort to bring love, joy and well-being to our four-legged companions.  


Shawn Smith & Melissa Hoffman

Hi Amanda -

This actually went into my Junk mail and I almost deleted it - good thing you put Ling in the Subject line!!!

Ling is doing well with the herbs. Her breathing has not changed significantly but I have only really noticed her breathing heavily a couple of times since we saw you and it has been very hot so that's pretty darn good! And I am not sure if it is due to the herbs or Nate's healing touch with the acupuncture but she is jumping up on the couch again and is only occasionally stiff when she gets up from sleeping - we are all very happy about that!!!

We have also given these herbs to Gigi (the poop eater) as Nate suggested but there has been no progress there...ugh. We'll keep trying.

Poppy spent the morning doing therapy at Fletcher Allen and her spirits do seem to be better! BIG reduction in the scratching since we started this new herb mixture (great!!!) and no signs of any seizure activity...

All seems well!



Hi Nate,

    I wanted to let you know that Gracie will be 6 years old next month and, thanks to you she is as healthy as a horse!  (Thank God she is not as big as a horse because I'm the one who has to make her food.)  I have pretty much gotten it down to a science; I now make it only once every 6 weeks and store it in a freezer and the meat manager at Costco (who is from the northeast and a dog lover as well) now sells me 50lbs of chicken at a time for exactly what he pays for it. (The frozen broccoli is an entirely different story and I won't bore you with the details.)  I have really stream lined the process - she goes through 4 cups per day of your recipe and to sustain her weight and add variety I mix in 1 cup unsweetened apple sauce and 1 cup brown rice.  The entire mixture makes 6 cups and is split between a morning and evening meal.  (I also add a small pharmacy of herbs and supplements all of which were prescribed or approved by you.)  So while Gracie is somewhat expensive to feed she is very healthy.  My wife is now in awe of my food making ability and thinks I should start a business!  My only concern is that if congress finds out how expensive Gracie is to keep they will enact some sort of legislation to cut her back or de-fund my food making operation entirely.  Or perhaps they would try to turn my kitchen into a union shop and the labor and benefits costs would force me out of business.  In any event, I never forget what a positive impact you have had in Gracie's life and how much I rely on you even though you are 1000 miles away!

The attached picture of Gracie enjoying herself at the beach was taken last September  (while I was stuck in the house busy making dog food!)

I hope you are doing well and I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about you just because I haven't had problems with Gracie.  (And you should also know that just because I haven't had any problems with Gracie doesn't mean that I don't have any other problems; but that's a topic of yet another letter.)



Hi Amanda, 

Yes, this email is fine for checking in. Diwali is doing much better. After Nate changed her herbal formula last week her improvement was impressive. In just 2 days her dandruff slacked and her odor started to improve. Now she is loosing minimal hair, her odor is almost back to normal and the dandruff is still there, but just a little at skin level (not obviously visible throughout her coat). So, we are on the right track! Thanks for keeping tabs.



I'm happy to have folks at Qi contact us via this email. Balsam is doing just fine, and we very much appreciate the care and support we receive at Qi.

Best regards,